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There are three distinct qualities that both men and women should possess before finally deciding to get a tattoo from one of the tattoo shops in Gold Coast. The first of which is being sociable. When customers from all walks of life gather and mingle together in a tattoo shop, it is inevitable that they will always have a story to tell to whom they know for so long and even for those they meet for the first time. While waiting for their turns to avail of the service, coffee cups are emptied during a conversation of two long lost friends, clouds of smoke from cigarettes spark a debate among a group of guys trying to convince each other of who’s the best and worst Presidents of Australia,. Bored spirits are awakened after a bottle, or two of beer gave way to a loud and funny sounding fart from one of the drinkers.

Next is the quality of being gregarious. Friends that you meet in a tattoo shop in Gold Coast will surely have the desire of always having you or being with you at all times because they feel that they belong once they see your tattoos coming out of your sleeves. You will soon realise that one of the best feelings a person could ever have is the thought that you are accepted, regardless of who you are and what your social status is.

The third and last significant quality is being sentimental. You suddenly would ask: “What does it have to do with tattoos?” The answer is quite apparent. Every body piercing and a tattoo has a lot of unspoken words, long been waiting to be heard. Whether it’s a bad or a good story, there’s a value to be learned from our ups and downs. Tattoos can bring up either happy or sad memories from the past. A message is embedded on the skin punctures that are combined with the indelible ink, signifying that there is something or someone from the past that we cannot dare ignore or forget.

With these chunks of stories, Tattoo Shop in Gold Coast would like you to check on the following kinds or types of tattoos that can or will have a significant connection to your past, present, and future lives.

The traditional skull tattoo

This is one of the most common tattoos that establishes a strong connection between the one who wears it and the culture that he values. The closest interpretation of a skull is death. It somehow delivers a message that we will all die or life is just too short for us to live.

Dagger tattoos

Dagger tattoos are commonly illustrated with a bleeding heart. It could mean a lost love, a broken heart or a betrayal coming from either the man or a woman. It could also signify acts of bravery, a painful memory or lasting protection.

Lioness tattoos

It directly means femininity, the strength of a woman, or courage of motherhood. It can also be inspired by the wisdom and beauty of the queen of animals.

Diamond tattoos

It represents beauty from within for women. For men, it could signify strength and invincibility.

Crown tattoos

It obviously represents royalty. In war, victory over the enemies. When it comes with a cross, it symbolises faith and or Christianity.

Examples of the contemporary tattoo scene

  • Realism
  • Watercolour
  • Tribal
  • Old or new school
  • Neo-traditional
  • Japanese art
  • Blackwork

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