Steps to consider when buying fruit and vegetables Hervey Bay

Buying fresh produce in Hervey Bay needs a lot of preparation for you to select the best. A few steps and tricks can make your purchase of fruit and vegetables, Hervey Bay more cost-effective and nutritious. Following the guidelines allows you to purchase the top fruit and vegetables from the supermarket shelf to your kitchen.

The top steps to consider when you’re shopping for fruit and vegetables include:

Smell the fruits

The ripeness of the fruit is determined by a sweeter fragrance.

Walk away from damaged or bruised produce

Damaged or bruised product makes it the perfect home for bacteria. Bacteria harboured in damaged or bruised produce tend to rapidly spread to the rest of the vegetable or fruit. Bruised or damaged produce does not only taste bad, but it can also create a health hazard for you and your family.

Light squeeze test

Giving under pressure indicates the ripeness of fruit. Generally, fruits shouldn’t be rock-hard, unless its apples. Fruits left at room temperature after picking continue to soften. This includes avocados, pears, bananas, and more.

Go for colourful and vibrant produce

Choosing a wide array of colourful produce is highly recommended. The varied phytochemical nutrition gained from varied coloured vegetables and fruits make them highly beneficial for you and your family.

Canned vegetables and fruits are good options too

The high sodium content of canned vegetables and fruits often stops you from choosing them. Yet, canned produce provides the same nutritional value as that of frozen and fresh goods. Canned produce showing lower sodium content is the best option if fresh products are unavailable.

Chilled produce should be considered

Choose fruits and vegetables that are surrounded by ice or refrigerated if the option is fresh-cut. A chilled environment must be maintained for vegetables and fruits that have already been opened or halved. The chilled environment is the best possible way to ensure they remain fresh for a longer time.

Always separate fresh vegetables and fruits from seafood, meat, and poultry

Fruits and vegetables should have a separate trolley from raw seafood, meat, and poultry. The pathogens in raw meat’s juice and blood can potentially contaminate your fresh fruits and vegetables.

Compare pre-packaged and loose produce prices

Better value for your money is often with single and loose produce than pre-packaged ones. Better quality of vegetables and fruits are gained when you do the choosing and selecting. However, having your fresh produce selected and delivered by a trusted fruit and vegetable vendor can also give good value for money.

Opt for seasonal fruits and vegetables

The various seasons of a year do not always bring fresh produce. The price of produce is more expensive when they are ordered out of season. The shipping charges alone can be horrendous. The smartest way to buy less expensive products of better quality is to choose in-season fruits and vegetables.

Smaller pieces of fruit is a better choice

Choosing smaller pieces of fruit is a better option than going for larger-sized fruits. It’s because smaller fruits are generally sweeter than their larger counterparts.

Your next fruit and vegetable shopping trip ensures better quality at the right price when you consider the above steps and tips. For more convenience on your part, look for shops that offer fruit and vegetable deliveries in Hervey Bay.

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