Top 4 Common Health Myths

1. Drink eight glasses of water
Well, the truth is that there is no exact number; people throw around the number 8, but truth be told it is all about the person. If your urine is dark yellow, then yeah you should definitely consider drinking a lot more water. But I know a friend who basically has about two glasses of water, but a lot of fruits and juices to make up his quota of water needed for a day. So the next time someone is forcing you to drink so much, just know that you have the option to get water in other forms as well.

2. Cold air gives you a cold

Anything but; cold temperatures are known to improve the health of people, by improving virus-fighting activity and to keep your immune system sharp. It is actually easy to catch a cold indoors because the virus has acclimatised to the surrounding and is primed for passing through your system. So the next time there is a cold breeze outside, don’t worry about the outdoors as much as the indoors.

3. Skipping breakfast is bad

The truth is that there is no scientific evidence linking breakfast to weight loss. A recent study showed that people who skipped breakfast regularly had no cravings whatsoever to overeat during lunch or dinner. Thus helping them lose weight since they didn’t have to eat extra calories in the morning. The argument against it is that people believe that having breakfast will curb people from having more during lunch and dinner. But as the study shows, if a person is of sound body and mind, he or she will not face any adverse ramifications as a result of skipping breakfast. So if you feel that you don’t need breakfast, then don’t have. You’ll be saving yourself some a lot of unwanted calories. We suggest that you don’t stay on an empty stomach and have some sort of fruit to get your system firing.

4. Sugar equates to hyperness
The truth is that there is no scientific backing to that statement. A sugar high is a myth, in some people, it is known to feel like an energy boost, but that is about it. So just because you feel that sugar might cause hyperness, doesn’t mean it does in any way. So don’t rob your kids of some sugary niceness because of some random internet article.

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