How to find a good Hairdresser in Parramatta

If you’re moving to Parramatta, one of the contenders to consider is to find the right hairdresser to fix your hair. Maybe you have had a good relationship with your previous hairdresser. Sadly, the distance is too great for you to maintain the relationship with your former hairdresser.

This means that you need to find a good hairdresser in Parramatta, pronto!

Finding a new hairstylist can be an adventure or a chore. Here are some timely guidelines to make the job easier and hassle-free:

Request the details of your look from your former hairdresser

Request the details of your look from your former hairstylist if you have a good relationship with him/her and if you like your current hairstyle. If you like your current hair colour, request that as well from your former hairstylist. This will save you time and effort when trying out a new salon and hairdresser.

Download a photo of your best hairstyle and colour

Taking a photo of the preferred hairstyle, colour, and downloading it in your phone will save you time and effort during your hairdresser hunt. You can point out to the new hairstylist the things you like about the colour or hairstyle so he/she can work on achieving it as well. This saves you from going with what they have when you begin your session with them.

Trust your instinct

A talented hairdresser is not the be-all and end-all. It’s about establishing a working relationship with him/her. You are likely to become unhappy with the result if the new hairdresser is not listening to your feedback or you feel uncomfortable about speaking up.

Show up earlier than your appointed time and request a talk with the hairdresser. Explain that it’s your first time with the place. If the salon does not listen to you but rather rush you to shampoo without even feeling the texture of your hair, it’s time to leave. Make sure that you spell this out as some salons can charge you for the spent time.

Experimenting should not be the option

The first-time appointment with a new hairdresser is not the right time to experiment. It is not the right time to have drastic hair colour or have a short haircut. You need to establish a relationship with him/her before anything else. You may opt for a simple trim and ask the new hairdresser if he/she could follow the exact hair colour formula from your former hairdresser. You can arrange for another visit if you are happy with the result.

Search for your style expert

You happen to go for blonde hair colour. This means that your search should be for stylists not only expert in blonde colour but also love to use blonde on some hair shades. If you have curly hair, go for the curly hair experts. Most salon websites feature the specialties of their hairdressers. The smartest way is to read them before calling for an appointment.

Know their jargon

Knowing the jargon used by hairdressers to describe styles and cuts is important. This will make it easier to explain to your new hairdresser what particular style and cut you want to have.

The salon and hairdresser is not the enemy. They all want you to look amazing. Clear communication plays an important key to get your preferred hairstyle and colour. Contact Parramatta’s award winning hairdresser so that you achieve the perfect hairstyle and colour.

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