Get to Know Your Teeth

There are usually two groups of people, individuals that have no teeth related complaints and have barely visited a dentist once or twice in their life and then there are the individuals that wish they could finally stop having to visit the dentist.


Practically speaking this does not automatically mean that that the people with no complaints are taking care of their teeth better than the group of people with more teeth complaints. The actual story and relation between teeth and pain is quite extraordinary with each individual representing their own case and no two teeth being exactly the same.


Some people barely brush or floss and still have fewer oral cavities than people who persistently try to take care of their teeth. This largely depends on diet and the body’s own defence system.  Foods high in sugar and glucose directly contribute to a higher incidence of caries in a patient, which is why your dentist in chermside will first advise you diet control and then instruct proper oral hygiene instructions depending on the severity. If you are someone that tends to get cavities more often, then the dentist will also look into preventive measures such as fluoride application through gels and sealants as well as a medicated mouthwash and regular dental visits to treat caries and teeth problems before they progress further, if they happen to already exist.


Many people avoid the dentist due to being anxious or afraid of dentists. Dentists are also popularly televised as scary doctors that cause pain. In real life however, if the fear is simply of the unknown, your dentist in chermside will be able to tell. If you happen to have an actual phobia then it is advised to let the dentist know when he or she is taking your history so that they may treat you effectively and counsel you to try and calm you during procedures and visits.


To ensure good oral hygiene, regular visits to the leading dental clinics in Chermside is advised, any existing cavities should be treated immediately with either a filling, root canal treatment or extraction depending on the dentist’s professional diagnosis and treatment plan. A routine of regular brushing with a soft brush should be habitual, with flossing from waxed floss and a mild mouthwash to rinse with after being diluted.

Dental appointments only become more expensive and maybe more stressful with negligence. You should remember that teeth don’t heal on their own, just like a leg fracture would require an X-Ray radiograph and then maybe a cast, a broken or painful tooth will also require its own diagnostic investigations followed by the best treatment for that patient in question.


People take their teeth for granted and often only understand their importance after its broken, painful, missing or cannot be saved. Consider a small pellet in between your teeth, naturally your jaws don’t seem to fit with it between the teeth surfaces and it feels rather uncomfortable and impossible to chew with. One tiny change in your occlusion can alter the way you eat and sometimes the way you talk when your front teeth are involved. Your teeth are a sign of youth and happiness and people that are confident with their smiles are the happiest and willing to show it. Don’t take your smile for granted and make an appointment with your dentist in chermside to make sure you always have a white pearly smile across your face.

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