Top 3 Common Health Mistakes

1. Exercise
The biggest mistake is to push things too far. Most people believe that exercise is the way to stay healthy and fit. In most cases, people end up causing more harm than anything else. The major reason is that aesthetic improvement doesn’t constitute being healthy. So those six packs that you tirelessly worked out for did more damage than you can imagine. Exercise is supposed to improve your circulation, core strength, muscle health and cardiovascular system. But in most case, people push the envelope too much, and it results in them reaching their skewed perception of being fit and healthy. But too much of something can have bad repercussions, and that is seen in a lot of people who hit the gym without having prior knowledge of what their body needs and what they should do about it. So remember that trainer who you rave about, isn’t really doing you or your body a favour.


2. Supplements
Almost all drug store and online stores sell supplements, but the truth of the matter is that most supplements are either bad for you or impart no benefit. Good poor quality supplements will be excreted from your system, while bad poor quality supplements are toxic and might be the reason for your medical ailments. The truth is that not everything you see on the label is accurate. Your supplement bottle might contain the term calcium on it, doesn’t mean that it is the right kind of calcium that you are in-taking. So to be absolutely sure, ask your doctor to subscribe supplements instead of buying them on your own.

3. Self-Medicating
The worst of the lot is to self-medicate. There is a difference between a person who studied for years in med school through sleepless nights and a person who read about a prescription online. The fact of the matter is that self-medication can result in grave consequences. Never resort to advice you read online or from a telemarketer. They are trying to push poor quality products to unsuspecting people. Think about it, have you ever seen the same supplement your doctor gives you on a TV ad? There that is the reason why self-medication is a bad, if not stupid idea. The problem is that people not only self-medicate themselves, but they also advise others close to them to do so. You are basically improving the sales of a poor quality drug or a drug that is not going to improve your condition whatsoever because you think that five minutes of the internet equates to a medical degree.

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